The Pulse of Youth Soccer in Washington State

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 on: April 27, 2017, 11:57:16 PM 
Started by sounderfan - Last post by EWSoccer64
Speaking more generally, the Eagleclaw financial approach should be condemned. Basically, the club's goal is to attract good players (their bread and butter). Instead of building a better mousetrap, the approach is to find one set of players willing to subsidize another set. The problem is that the players who are recipients of these subsidies in general will have neither need nor merit. It's a crass attempt to exploit parental ignorance if you ask me.

Money is used to entice players all the time at the elite levels. Players not requiring assistance get free.  Crossfire, one you laud regularly for performance nationally, uses money frequently to secure talent.  Just be consistent in your consternation.

Not saying that it is unique, but this example of "let's go buy a good team" is certainly bigger in scale than you usually find in youth sports.

If you care about participation (the original point of this thread) there is really only one concern - improving the quality of the experience by offering what kids want. This is the exact opposite of what adult soccer officialdom (like you) is doing - reducing options, adding restrictions, recklessly breaking up teams ... If you want to turn us into North Korea, don't be surprised when kids start  voting with their feet.

I am continually attacked for bringing up real world issues - let's offer real, meaningful like v like competition (instead of constructing mismatched leagues to benefit whining adults), let's offer kids real choices of teams and clubs (instead of forcing them into the clubs of the most politically astute adults), let's have refs who are fair and can see the game (instead of using reffing as a way of rewarding a politically preferred class of adults). But naturally nobody wants to acknowledge their own role in degrading the sport experience for youth.

AHA.  Finally TP is seeing that the RCL is the problem not the solution.

 on: April 27, 2017, 11:55:43 PM 
Started by sounderfan - Last post by EWSoccer64
A few years back, I would watch Barcelona play in the morning and then watch my sons play HS on a Saturday at 1 PM.   I remarked to another soccer Dad, who was also a referee, that this made it extremely hard to watch.   He looked shocked at first, then processed it, and laughed and agreed.

MLS after watching El Classico is not as bad, but the feeling is similar.

 on: April 27, 2017, 11:50:52 PM 
Started by Spokane_Whistle_Blower - Last post by EWSoccer64
Many people consider Manny Faridinia as the Dark Lord of Money Grubbing from Youth Soccer in Spokane.  Other threads  can detail some of the activities.   And the Faridnia family is widely regarded as being the most politically powerful and underhanded group in Spokane.  But real power players.   

In regards to Abbas as a coach of a specific team?   I have heard nothing negative or positive about him as a team coach.

 on: April 27, 2017, 10:34:34 PM 
Started by marindog - Last post by EagleclawFootballAcademy
What does "premier" mean?

 on: April 27, 2017, 10:22:27 PM 
Started by Spokane_Whistle_Blower - Last post by Napoli9
Manny is Abbas Dad...
Abbas a good coach?

 on: April 27, 2017, 08:23:46 PM 
Started by Independent - Last post by Squash
My daughter is going through tryouts right now, and it looks like she would be slated for C or maybe B.  The coaches for those teams are Alex Neil and Brett Lazby respectively.

If anyone has any feedback on either coach, would love to hear it.

Wish I knew....Crossfire barely has anyone left since I coached there....

Just a bunch of Bernie "YESers" left, but I'm sure some of them are decent coaches. If nothing else they like coffee and beer.....

 on: April 27, 2017, 08:20:53 PM 
Started by sounderfan - Last post by Squash
Nice win today with another makeshift defense. 
Hated the uniforms though, no one thought to test them out on TV before using them.   Big mistake.

And what a glorious El Classico!    One for the ages.   Love to Ronaldo crying.

Best El Clasico in years....... made watching the Sounders seem amateurish

The worst thing for MLS is that European games are played in the morning before the Saturday afternoon/evening MLS matches!


 on: April 27, 2017, 07:24:36 PM 
Started by sounderfan - Last post by ouch
The "benefit" is being connected to an allegedly "prestigious" event. That helps recruiting, makes the teams better, and therefore "benefits" the entire affiliated adult establishment.

So the beneficiaries of paying for attending meaningless travel tournaments are ... the parents that pay for them because of the so called prestige?  I was hoping you were going to point out adult parties that actually benefit from these events.  I personally know very few that want to write these checks, they feel obligated to write them because the soccer community has said to them that their DK needs to live in this elite world to get to the next level of soccer. Right or wrong, most are reluctant customers. They are not telling family and friends how great it is to be plopping down $5K+ for youth soccer. Many are embarrassed by it.  I do not think your theory is accurate.  Very few parents do it because of prestige, most do it because they have been told that is where you need to be if you are to give DK a fighting chance to move onto the next level in the game. It may not be right but that is the messaging.

I was hoping you had identified other adults that benefit from the current situation.
You misunderstand. It's not the parents. It's the coaches, DOCs, admins of soccer orgs, et al who benefit from "prestigious" events. Some parents and kids feel that way, too, but the drivers are the adults in USYS/WYS/Clubs etc. These people have to do something to justify their jobs, so they do.


 on: April 27, 2017, 07:23:45 PM 
Started by sounderfan - Last post by ouch
Tripleplay: You may not understand how the scholarships being offered are funded.   At Eagleclaw, there is no circumstance, and there never has been,  where one set of players subsidizes another. These scholarships are available solely because of charitable contributions made to the Eagleclaw Foundation by a handful of generous donors who earmarked their contributions specifically for our Advanced Academy.

Our business model is quite simple. Develop players to the highest level of ability they desire, by providing the highest quality instruction to as many kids as possible, in the best environment possible, for as long as possible, while working to keep the cost as low as possible and paying our coaches  in a way that complies with the law.

And, respectfully, we believe we have built a better mousetrap and continue to work hard at it.

Well written response, thank you.  Appreciate your participation on this board.

 on: April 27, 2017, 05:15:23 PM 
Started by sounderfan - Last post by ForTheKids
You misunderstand. It's not the parents. It's the coaches, DOCs, admins of soccer orgs, et al who benefit from "prestigious" events. Some parents and kids feel that way, too, but the drivers are the adults in USYS/WYS/Clubs etc. These people have to do something to justify their jobs, so they do.

OMG OMG OMG.  TP and I agree.   Thank you my friend.  Cannot agree more. It has really  become sillyland with little to no value add.

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